Facts about injectable fillers used by Gold Coast dermatologists

If you are looking for a Cosmetic treatment with no Down time with also the best results you must definitely consider Injectables. These are a minimally invasive procedure and also an alternative to any surgical procedure which might be required to get a face lift or an eye lift surgery.

Injectables are a great way of preventing surgery and the results are extremely natural looking when carried out by highly trained and experienced physician.


What you must know before getting injectables in Gold Coast

These injections work by smoothening the fine lines and wrinkles of the face by temporary relaxing the muscles which create these lines. The neurotoxins in the injections work on the dynamic wrinkles which means the wrinkles which are present on your facial muscles required to create an expression. However these do not work on those wrinkles which can be seen when your face is at rest.

On the other hand using cosmetic fillers can enhance the shape of the cheeks and also eliminate the eye bags along with the dark circles. Fillers can also help get rid of smile lines and vertical lip lines which means that it works on wrinkles seen at rest as well. Fillers are used to strengthen the scaffolding which holds the skin the scaffolding is made up of collagen fat and elastin. Due to age or Sun damage all these ingredients are lost and need to be replaced and fillers are able to accomplish this and treat the volume loss.

One of the most common ways to replace the lost volume is by injecting hyaluronic Acid which is found in fillers such as Voluma, Restylane and Perlane. All the fillers which do not have hyaluronic acid are also quite popular but these do not produce collagen and are therefore not long lasting and may be prone to infections. The best results can only be achieved when a combination of both Botox and fillers are used.

However it should be kept in mind that any injectable which you consider won’t come cheap. In order to get an estimate it is important that you set up a consultation or have a detailed call with your cosmetologist. There is going to be huge range in price difference based on the location and the number of units which would be required along with the fees which the expert charges. This is because certain specialised techniques or targeted treatments tend to be more expensive than any other kind. Also the area which requires treatment would play a role in increasing the cost of the treatment and may differ from hundreds to thousands of dollar. However you should keep in mind that if it is sounds too affordable to be legitimate it probably as in order to avoid being scammed it is best that you got a quote from several clinics near you.

Book in for your lip filler treatment and other cosmetic injectable procedures with licensed cosmetologists. Do your research and then find a reliable injectable clinic in Gold Coast.


The advantages of using bariatric chairs

For someone who is bigger and heavier than the usual individuals getting to work every day could be a struggle. They have to go through the stress of awkwardness along with the fact that using the regular office furniture or medical equipment is in adequate for their particular body shape. It is important to invest in bariatric chairs so that an individual who is heavier is able to sit in comfort and go about their daily task without any difficulty.

Bariatric chairs are designed for individuals who were at least 350 pounds and more. Most of these chairs can easily accommodate individuals who weigh up to 500 pounds.

Reasons for investing in bariatric chairs

That are several reasons for investing in bariatric chairs because come with a number of benefits. These chairs are a combination of features which makes it easier for individuals to sit in comfort without worrying about their health and safety.

It is important for these chairs to be strong so as to provide stability and ease of movement then the standard size chair. It also comes with an adjustable support which means that it is easier to take the chair and adjust the seat depth and height. This allows complete comfort for the user regardless of their body type. The armrest of the bariatric chair are heavy duty and can be adjusted easily for height and weight therefore providing the necessary support for anyone. These chairs also come with an articulating headrest which makes it easy for the people to lie down for a while and rest their neck without feeling uncomfortable.

It is now more important than ever to address the needs of larger people at the workplace or even at the medical facilities. In fact the bariatric furniture is an increasingly popular solution for any institution.

Tips for buying bariatric chairs

When you want about to buy any sort of medical equipment it is important that you always pay attention to the manufacturers reputation. You need to find somebody who is reliable and who produces good quality equipment. When it comes to buying a bariatric chair you have to be sure whether it has all the features which will ensure the comfort and safety of the person you are buying it for.

The bariatric chair that you buy must be made from a study material so as to support the weight of the patient and the individual using it. When it comes to the standard base size a bariatric chair has a bigger base because it allows for more durability and provides better comfort as well.

The next thing to look for in a bariatric chair is the proper armrest and support for the neck as well. Since heavy people have spinal and back issues it is important that the chair which is chosen for them is able to provide them with relief from the pain that they suffer on a daily basis.

Choose bariatric chairs by the Modsel Group to get the best quality for your money.



What’s the best spinal stenosis treatment?

Spinal stenosis has become one of the most common diseases among people at the age of 50 or older. This disease involves the narrowing of the canal in the spinal column. When this happens, there is a reduction of space in your spinal cord and nerves branching of your spinal cords. The tightened area causes the spinal cords and nerves to become irritated or pinched and compressed, leading to sciatica and back pain.


Spinal stenosis develops slowly and is commonly caused by the way and tear on your spine, especially as one ages or what doctors call osteoarthritis. Due to the gradual development of spinal stenosis, it can be hard for you to experience the symptoms for a long time, but some of these changes can be seen on x-rays or image tests that you take. However, you may experience pain, tingling, lambing, or weakness in the back, neck, hands, feet, legs, and arms.


Does spinal stenosis have a cure?

If you’re suffering from spinal stenosis or have a relative or friend suffering from this disease, you may want to find out whether there is a cure for it. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can cure spinal stenosis, but there are several things that you can do to eat the symptoms that you feel, depending on the extent of this disease. Doctors also prescribe several treatments to help you become better and enjoy having an active life.


What is spinal stenosis treatment? The following are some of the most common spinal stenosis treatments to help you deal with this condition.


  • Physical therapy

Physical therapy is usually a program that can go for a very long time to help you with the symptoms you are experiencing. Physical therapy has been an excellent treatment for different conditions, and when you are suffering from spinal stenosis, it helps you with your balance, endurance, and flexibility. Whenever you are thinking of undergoing physical therapy for the spinal stenosis condition, ensure that you select the best physical therapist around you.


  • Exercises

The other way in which you can treat spinal stenosis is through exercising. They are specific exercises but can help you slim down, especially if you’re overweight. This ensures that you are the stream that is affecting your spine. Spinal stenosis exercises are always best if they go along with great eating habits. Even if you have spinal stenosis surgery, it is always essential that you exercise to boost your recovery. Most spinal stenosis exercises usually help patients gain flexibility, increase their fitness and strengthen their muscles.


  • Medication

Spinal stenosis can also be treated using medication such as prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines. If you are using certain medicines and there are no changes, it’s always essential that you ask your doctor to prescribe something more substantial for the pain you’re experiencing. However, spinal stenosis medications are only helpful for the short term and can be dangerous if used for long. This is because they can be addicting and can cause side effects.


  • Injections

There are also some spinal stenosis injections that you can use, but they have the same effects as the spinal stenosis medications. Corticosteroids and nerve blocks are the main injections used with spinal stenosis patients.


  • Decompression procedure

This procedure involves the removal of the ligament parts that have already gotten thicker. This prevents the ligament from affecting your nerve roots and creates more space in your spinal canal.


  • Chiropractic care

You can also visit a chiropractor to help you adjust the spine, reducing the pain you are experiencing and improving your movements. Most chiropractors use traction, which is a process that involves pulling bones apart, creating room for your nerves.


  • Surgery

If all the above spinal stenosis treatments do not work, you can visit the doctor for spinal stenosis surgery. However, surgery can only be done if you are experiencing chronic pain, have problems controlling your bladder, or have challenges working. Surgery is always the last option whenever you have spinal stenosis.


Why you need to consider a career in media studies

If you are interested in joining a fast and rapidly growing industry then media studies is the best subject for you to choose. You can decide to pursue a career in television or cinema. You might like to move towards social media by writing blogs or vlogs. Media has a major impact on our everyday life.

Social media is now more relevant than ever especially during this internet age where Singers and actors can become celebrities online simply by making use of their social media skills. Since the demand for technology is on the rise it is no wonder that creative individuals would prefer going for a career in media.


What you can achieve with the screen and media diploma

Media studies allows you to learn about the latest innovations in communication and Technology. These are the skills which are needed if you want to succeed in the workplace. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a career in media industry or not but what actually is important is that it can help you in fields like Advertising and Marketing as well.

Media studies is a more practical approach rather than academic. Keep in mind that you need to have a Portfolio and speak about experience from any previous media that you have worked with. It is important that you are a curious individual who has a natural flair for creativity and patience and a desire to learn about technology.

If you are thinking about finding a job in the media industry you need to keep in mind that it is a very competitive place. A diploma in media studies would provide you with the skills which are necessary to succeed in the field of entertainment and media. You would be taught basic skills which range from copywriting to camera work. You may choose to  work behind the scenes on films or music video or you may want to make a difference in the world by becoming a journalist or a broadcaster.

However it should be kept in mind that students of media studies are just not limited to the entertainment industry. In fact they can help a number of business organizations by providing them with information about the current news and current affairs. Media studies has now garnered a niche for itself in our society and culture. Most students of media studies have been known to help with the public health campaign and advise companies on communication issues as well.

A media study course would equip you with the different Global digital cultures present in the world. You would also get a taste of international journalism and learn to produce content for social media. You may learn the critical approaches to media and also learn about the morals and the ethics which are required if you work in this field.

For more information on acquiring a diploma in screen and media, make sure that you have a session with an expert at the media institute near you.


Why taking time to visit chiropractors makes a lot of sense

Twenty four hours a day is often not enough for busy people. The list of things to do in a day ranging from work, pets, cleaning, cooking, and more often needs more than just 24 hours.

The idea of adding an appointment with chiropractors sounds absurd. Not only will it be an added expense, you simply don’t have the time. Yet, it makes a lot of sense to schedule a visit to chiropractors. Why?

When it comes to expenses, chiropractors offer affordable plans or is covered by health insurance. That chronic back pain that has been bothering you for months on end makes a chiropractic visit worth your wallet and time.

Here are other reasons why taking time to visit chiropractors makes a lot of sense:


Relief from stress

Life brings its share of stressors.  Chiropractic treatment is one of the best ways to feel mentally and physically good. The body pains you have plus concerns about them are addressed with a visit to a chiropractor.

And won’t it be simply phenomenal to get rid of any pain you currently feel? An overall feeling of relaxation, a better state of mind, and looseness has been reported by a lot of people from a chiropractic session.

Including a chiropractic visit as a regular part of your health program ensures long-term relief from stress and pain.


Relief from neck and back pain

Neck and back pain is the top reason for people to schedule an appointment with chiropractors. Waking up to sudden pain in the neck or back compel many people to seek a chiropractor.

People that have just been in a car accident are also often advised by other medical practitioners to visit a chiropractor. Doing so could minimise long-term damage to the body.

Yet, chronic neck or back pain is a way of life for other people. A long-term solution to alleviate chronic conditions makes chiropractors come up with a variety of treatments.

The factors that can cause back and neck pain include:

  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Poor posture
  • Sleeping in the wrong position
  • Disc herniation
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis

Alleviating the pain in any part of the body is the major function of chiropractors. Seeking their help is a smarter alternative than surgery.


Help normalize blood pressure

Stress is often the major culprit in causing high blood pressure or hypertension. Serious heart diseases and strokes are the direct results of high blood pressure.

Medication is the most common route for many people in controlling their blood pressure. It has been found, however, that the best way to cause a significant drop in blood pressure readings is chiropractic adjustments.

A chiropractic adjustment relieving stress and tension on the top of the neck helps to lower blood pressure.


Better sleep

You are likely suffering from poor sleep quality if you feel groggy upon waking up from a 6 or 7-hour sleep. Sleeping does not mean that your body is at rest. It continues to work hard and an aching neck or back makes the body work extra hard.

The manipulation therapy performed by a chiropractor increases blood flow, thus improving your sleep quality.

The best way to determine if a chiropractor is what you need is to schedule an appointment. Look for a Hobart chiropractor to alleviate your pain and discomfort.




Things to keep in mind before going to a walk in tattoo shop

If you have considered getting a tattoo you might have done a bit of research. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time there might be a lot of questions in your mind. There are quite a few tattoo artist who are known for their quality work. It is necessary that you find someone who is reliable and has the necessary experience.

Tips for choosing a walk in tattoo shop

Before you select a tattoo artist it is important to keep the following things in mind.

Getting references

If you know someone who have recently gotten a tattoo you might benefit from having a talk with them. You can ask them about their experience. They would also be able to tell you whether they were satisfied with their experience. You can even do your own research after you have collected at least two or three names of local tattoo shops. If possible it is better that you are aware about the kind of tattoo you would like to get. There are artists who specialize in a specific genre of tattoo ink. Also when it comes to design and style you need to pick someone who is best known for their particular style. For example there might be tattoo artist who are great with symbols. There are also artists who was best with colored ink. Choose your tattoo artist wisely and especially after you are done following up on the difference is that you got.

Visiting a walk in tattoo shop

When you are visiting a tattoo shop there are certain things that you need to take into account. It is definitely not a wise decision to go about any shop and sit down for a tattoo appointment. You need to observe the surroundings. The first thing that you should notice in the cleanliness. Even if the tattoo shop is not two way and only comprises of one or two artists, it needs to be clean and well kept. Be on the lookout for needles lying about. You would definitely want to steer clear of such places. Instead you should visit a tattoo Studio which is theme and known for its quality artist. Even though you might be charged more for getting a tattoo from such a place, it is always worth the extra payment. You do not have to worry about your health.

If there is a certain design or style which appeals to you, you might want to take a picture to show to your tattoo artist. Having a picture in hand would allow them to understand what exactly it is that you are looking for. On the other hand if you are not sure about what you would like to get you can always take a look at the portfolio of the artist. There would be pictures of the different kinds of tattoo they have worked on in the past. You have the option to choose from a variety of designs.

You can walk into a tattoo parlour in Gold Coast and look around to observe for a little while. Chat with the tattoo artists before deciding to book a session.

Five Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Medical Stretcher

A medical stretcher is used in a medical facility to move patients from one point to another. It is usually helpful to very ill patients who can’t walk or even stand. There are different types of medical stretchers that exist in the market today.

Each medical centre has to have at least one medical stretcher for emergency purposes. However, deciding the best type of stretcher can be a bit tricky because you are not sure of what will really work.

With the following factors in place, be rest assured that you will get a suitable type of medical stretcher that will meet your requirements.

Factors to keep in mind when buying a medical stretcher

  • Durability

Since medical stretchers are used to carry unconscious or extremely ill patients, it needs to be very robust. Not that an unconscious patient is very heavy as compared to a normal person. If it is for the wheeled stretcher, it will be moved on all kinds of surfaces and it should not easily break.

  • Comfort

A patient needs to be as comfortable as possible even when lying on a medical stretcher. The stretcher should be designed in a way that a patient feels comfortable while being moved from one place to another.

  • Flexible

An excellent stretcher is one that is capable of adjusting and can pass through narrow spaces. There are sections in the hospital that have very limited space and this factor will come in handy in such a circumstance.

  • Affordable

As much as there are several options to choose from, the price might be a great hindrance to getting some type of medical stretcher. For instance, the wheeled medical stretcher is way too expensive than the one which is carried. You should try to find something that is within your grasp.

  • Material

The material of the stretcher is also a crucial factor to consider before buying one. There is that material that can withstand the test of time, while others give in very easily. Thus, you have to find the best material that will not wear out easily and have a long lifespan.

Things to look for in a stretcher selling company

Here are some of the crucial things that you need to find about the company that you want to buy the medical stretchers from.

  • Reputation

The company should have a good public reputation. One way of finding the reputation of a given company is by checking clients’ reviews on the testimonials to find out if the previous clients were satisfied with the kind of services and products that they received from that company.

  • Warranty

The company should provide you with a warrant so that in case the medical stretcher becomes faulty within a certain period, you can return it to the same company for repair. A warranty should be the first thing that you have to ask when buying a given product because it is the only thing that can prove that you actually bought that particular item in that company and it can be worked on within the stipulated time.

  • Experience

A company that has been manufacturing medical stretchers for a long period has a clear understanding of the process. The staff will also be well experienced and will make little or no faults when making the medical stretcher. Also, such a company has a testing team in place that checks whether the product meets all the standards before it can be given to a client.



What do you need to ask your dermatologist

If you are considering microdermabrasion there might be several questions in your mind. There are several Dermatologist who carry out microdermabrasion in Brisbane city full stop despite the fact that it is one of the gentlest and least invasive treatment you may still need to have a detailed talk with your skin care specialist. If there is a mole or any other spot on your skin which is growing or changing in any way you might need to avoid it all together. Also if you are taking certain acting medications like tretinoin you might need to wait six months or longer before having the procedure.


What happens during the microdermabrasion procedure?

During the procedure your skin specialist would use the handheld device which would help remove the top layer of the skin. You would feel a sending sensation which is not quite painful. In order to clean the entire face you might need a sitting of at least 40 to 60 minutes. You would need another 20 minutes to treat the neck.

Once the procedure is over you would need to apply the moisturizer or any other skin care products prescribed to you at home. You would also need to follow a proper skin care program which might include sun protection. When you protect your skin from the sun it can help ensure the best possible results and also reduce the risk of any side effects.

The results of the procedure might take around five to sixteen treatments to become Apparent. Most Dermatologist would need to treat the patients on a weekly basis. After the whole series of treatments have been completed patients note a smoother skin and a Radiant complexion.

The results might look better for people who protect the skin from the sun and follow the recommended skin care program. However these results are usually temporary and because the skin continues to age it is important to go for follow up treatment stop while the procedure is quite safe it might have possible Side Effects for people in the form of pink or slightly swollen skin. However this can disappear within a day or two. In certain cases the skin my eyebrows or burn or would become sensitive to sunlight. These also go away in a little time period. On the other hand if you have sensitive skin or have many skin injuries you are more at risk of developing dark spots. However when the procedure is performed by an experienced dermatologist the risk is quite minor.

It is a medical procedure it is best that it is carried out by a licensed Dermatologist. Make sure that you do the necessary Research and find the professional who is best in their field. You can either check them out on the Internet or even talked to friends or family who might have undergone the procedure. Keeping these things in mind would help you find the right microdermabrasion specialist in Brisbane city.


How to decide which manual breast pump is right for you

Manual breast pumps are the perfect breastfeeding accessories. They make expressing easy and hassle-free. You need a low-profile pump with a secure latch, but apart from that, there’s really not much else to focus on. Which one is the best manual breast pump? There are so many to choose from. Your choice will depend on a few things:


What type of electric pump are you interested in?


The best manual breast pumps come with some nifty extras. Some of these include bottle nipple remotes, adjustable cup level indicators, and leak detectors. The bottle nipple remotes are great if you want to express your milk in different ways, like with your hands-free. They’re also great if you want to keep track of your baby’s progress from a distance.


Manual ones aren’t always as discreet as their wearable counterparts. And if you use both a manual and an electric pump, it can get a little messy. It’s a good idea to look into getting a manual breast pump that has two speeds.


The most versatile manual breast pumps are dual-action. They are usually used by single users but can also be used by multiple users simultaneously. These breast pumps have two settings: low and high. While a manual pump can only be used by one user simultaneously, dual-action breast pumps can be used by multiple users simultaneously without refilling each one’s bottle. Because they can work as single machines, dual-action breast pumps tend to be more expensive than other models.


Another model that’s popular among moms is the double electric pump. Like manual breast pumps, it can be used by single users, multiple users simultaneously, and even by two users at the same time. It features two speeds: low and high. This double electric pump is a little bit pricier than other manual breast pumps, but it also offers many conveniences.


Factors to consider


When buying electric breast pumps, one thing to consider is whether to choose a pumping range or a pumping style. Pumping styles are basically levels of expressibility, which means that they can express both breasts at once. Pumps that provide two pumps are often referred to as double electric pumps. Some popular pumping styles include breast first pumping, gravity pumping, and breast express. All of these techniques can produce breast milk quicker and more easily.


Finally, there are the cost factors to consider. While manual breast pumps can be slightly expensive, it still depends on what brand you choose and how many you buy. On the other hand, double electric breast pumps are a little bit more expensive because they feature two-speed settings and can usually be found in sets of three. Regardless of which type of electric breast pump you choose, it’s always best to consult with your doctor before purchasing one.


The only real disadvantage of using a manual pump is time and frustration. It takes time to familiarise yourself with using it. Most women will agree that getting used to it is much more important than actually getting milk into the bottles.


As far as safety is concerned, both electric and manual breast pumps have some pros and cons. One advantage of electric breast pumps is that they can be used in private without a lactation consultant’s help. Many physicians recommend against using breast pumps by single users, especially for first-time users. A single user may not know how to sterilise the equipment properly, and a single user may not be aware of any dangers of mixing liquids with breast milk.

As a last piece of advice, choose only highly rated breast pumps to make sure you are using the best quality available in the market.







5 Proven Healthy Tips for Preventing Vision Loss 


Vision is one of our five senses that enable us to make better understanding of the world. We must never take blessings like such for granted. If there’s a serious issue, you need to consult an sydney eye specialist. However, to prevent any future hindrance, here are five healthy tips for preventing vision loss: 


Wear shades 

The function of shades isn’t just to add a lovely assistant to your general look however to shield your eyes from unsafe UV beams. 


The shades forestall the advancement of waterfalls, eye sickness. 


Furthermore, shades are advantageous in: 


  • Forestalling retinal harm 


  • Securing fragile eyelid skin 


  • Forestall wrinkles and skin malignancy around the eye 


  • Forestall the dangerous development around the eyes 


You ought to consistently get yourself 100% UV insurance shades that block 100% of UV-A beams and UV-B beams. 

Eat right 

Did you know Vitamin insufficiency can meddle with your sound retinal capacity and hinder it? 

To decrease the odds of the early improvement of eye sickness and vision misfortune, you ought to incorporate more significant levels of: 


  • Nutrients C and E, 


  • zinc, 


  • lutein, 


  • zeaxanthin, 


  • omega-3 unsaturated fats 


According to the specialists and analysts, the individuals who burn-through rich supplements diet are more averse to create eye vision misfortune. 


Know your family ancestry 

In the event that you know about your family ancestry and realize that eye illnesses have been passing since your predecessors, you should accomplish something before its past the point of no return. You can counsel your primary care physician and avoid potential risk. 


Early intercession 

For example, we have been seeing that a few illnesses can be relieved in the event that we treat them since the ascent. A few illnesses are Unstoppable while some are definitely not. Luckily, there are some most genuine eye conditions that can be forestalled in the event that you analyzed it in beginning phases. 

Eye conditions like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration show high paces of fruitful treatment. Notwithstanding, you should analyze and treat them in the beginning phase. Additionally, on the off chance that you don’t treat them that can prompt genuine vision misfortune and visual deficiency. Thus, the most ideal approach to forestall vision misfortune is by thinking about early intercession. 


Try not to dodge the manifestations of eye weakness 

Accomplishing PC work or different devices turn out constantly for quite a long time can cause major issues with your eyes. It isn’t unprecedented that the devices toss unsafe beams that can have genuine impacts later. 


Maybe, you can keep away from it by just observing the 20-20-20 guideline. 


The 20-20-20 standard is that you can gaze upward or anyplace away from the PC or PC screen. As such, take a gander at an article that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds like clockwork. 


What will it do? 


All things considered, by doing this you can examine the indications of a few distinctive eye conditions. By doing this 20-20-20 recipe, you will note if your eye weariness is diligent or not. 

Dental examination, a photograph of the patient’s condition

At the Tramonte Implant Center, Dr. Silvano U. Tramonte, a world-renowned implantologist, and his staff give great importance to the first visit, which they consider the cornerstone to establish the entire treatment or prevention process. A healthy and beautiful smile, able to communicate, excite and capture attention, must in fact be taken care of from the first years of life.

Why is the dental examination so important for the doctor and patient?

“Certainly a careful dental examination has a relevant medical connotation – explains Dr. Tramonte – because it allows the doctor to evaluate the health of the mouth regardless of the problem that prompted the patient to go to the dentist. In addition to this, then, the first visit also has a psychological matrix on which our Center relies: understanding who you are in front of is a precious work tool to be able to establish a relationship of trust. For this a general medical history is collected which becomes the basis for the beginning of the interview with the patient. In addition to the health of the mouth, we collect data on the health of the person in general, in case even with a medical examination that includes pressure reliefs, cardiac auscultation, study of previous examinations or medical records in case of systemic pathologies treated surgically or pharmacologically. This is essential to guide therapeutic choices or, at times, to discover pathologies unknown to the patient and thus allow him to face them early “.

How does a dental visit develop?

“The dental examination generally consists of seven main checks – continues Tramonte -. First of all, an anamnestic file is compiled that contains all the patient’s data and is useful for knowing any previous pathologies. Subsequently, the presence of caries is checked and an assessment of the condition of the gums is carried out. As a fourth step, an examination of the closure of the mouth is carried out, that is, the articulation of the dental arches and the relationship between them. The fifth step is determined by checking any prostheses: in the case of mobile prostheses, the check is carried out on wear and adherence to the mouth in relation to optimal chewing. If there are fixed prostheses, however, a check is made of the points where there may be infiltrations.

Here’s how we’ll get back to the dentist

Toothache, infections, abscesses, mouth and oral health problems do not go on vacation, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. But in the coronavirus emergency, going to the dentist is often not recommended. The risk of contagion, in fact, sometimes exceeds the benefit deriving from the treatments, both for the patient and for the operator. For this reason, dentists are currently only treating urgent cases. which can no longer be extended. For this reason, dentists are working, also remotely, to find new rules and guidelines for treatments in complete safety, both for the professional and for the patient.

Among the categories of workers most at risk and in the first places are dentists and dental hygienists. It is no coincidence, given that in addition to the physical proximity between patient and specialist, the dentist uses rotating instruments, such as the drill, which produce aerosols containing tiny droplets of saliva. And it is precisely this aerosol produced during some medical procedures that could carry the new coronavirus, as shown for example by a study in Nature . The information we have is still scarce.

“We don’t know – explained Roberto Waiter, surgeon dentist, responsible for the Agestimationproject of the For: Med: Lab, spin-off of the University of Macerata – how much this diffusion of droplets in the air can realistically affect the infection and for this reason it is good to take maximum precautions “. Currently, therefore, continues the expert, dental offices must only deal with urgent cases that cannot be deferred after telephone contact. “And to manage other cases remotely”, adds Waiter, “for example by prescribing drug therapy, at least in the first place”.