What’s the best spinal stenosis treatment?

Spinal stenosis has become one of the most common diseases among people at the age of 50 or older. This disease involves the narrowing of the canal in the spinal column. When this happens, there is a reduction of space in your spinal cord and nerves branching of your spinal cords. The tightened area causes the spinal cords and nerves to become irritated or pinched and compressed, leading to sciatica and back pain.


Spinal stenosis develops slowly and is commonly caused by the way and tear on your spine, especially as one ages or what doctors call osteoarthritis. Due to the gradual development of spinal stenosis, it can be hard for you to experience the symptoms for a long time, but some of these changes can be seen on x-rays or image tests that you take. However, you may experience pain, tingling, lambing, or weakness in the back, neck, hands, feet, legs, and arms.


Does spinal stenosis have a cure?

If you’re suffering from spinal stenosis or have a relative or friend suffering from this disease, you may want to find out whether there is a cure for it. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can cure spinal stenosis, but there are several things that you can do to eat the symptoms that you feel, depending on the extent of this disease. Doctors also prescribe several treatments to help you become better and enjoy having an active life.


What is spinal stenosis treatment? The following are some of the most common spinal stenosis treatments to help you deal with this condition.


  • Physical therapy

Physical therapy is usually a program that can go for a very long time to help you with the symptoms you are experiencing. Physical therapy has been an excellent treatment for different conditions, and when you are suffering from spinal stenosis, it helps you with your balance, endurance, and flexibility. Whenever you are thinking of undergoing physical therapy for the spinal stenosis condition, ensure that you select the best physical therapist around you.


  • Exercises

The other way in which you can treat spinal stenosis is through exercising. They are specific exercises but can help you slim down, especially if you’re overweight. This ensures that you are the stream that is affecting your spine. Spinal stenosis exercises are always best if they go along with great eating habits. Even if you have spinal stenosis surgery, it is always essential that you exercise to boost your recovery. Most spinal stenosis exercises usually help patients gain flexibility, increase their fitness and strengthen their muscles.


  • Medication

Spinal stenosis can also be treated using medication such as prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines. If you are using certain medicines and there are no changes, it’s always essential that you ask your doctor to prescribe something more substantial for the pain you’re experiencing. However, spinal stenosis medications are only helpful for the short term and can be dangerous if used for long. This is because they can be addicting and can cause side effects.


  • Injections

There are also some spinal stenosis injections that you can use, but they have the same effects as the spinal stenosis medications. Corticosteroids and nerve blocks are the main injections used with spinal stenosis patients.


  • Decompression procedure

This procedure involves the removal of the ligament parts that have already gotten thicker. This prevents the ligament from affecting your nerve roots and creates more space in your spinal canal.


  • Chiropractic care

You can also visit a chiropractor to help you adjust the spine, reducing the pain you are experiencing and improving your movements. Most chiropractors use traction, which is a process that involves pulling bones apart, creating room for your nerves.


  • Surgery

If all the above spinal stenosis treatments do not work, you can visit the doctor for spinal stenosis surgery. However, surgery can only be done if you are experiencing chronic pain, have problems controlling your bladder, or have challenges working. Surgery is always the last option whenever you have spinal stenosis.


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